System Update for our Valued Customers

We would like to start by sending a huge thank you to everyone for your patience last week as we navigated the loss of our server. Moving everyone on the fly to emailing your orders to us when you've been so independent for years ordering on line and getting automatic notifications back must have been a challenge for your normal procedures.
You were all fantastic about it and we so appreciate it. We even surprised ourselves by how quickly we were able to adapt to "old school" methods of writing orders up on paper for Dispatch, managing drivers manually, and logging deliveries by hand! Technology! meh.

Our I.T. Guru spent many nights last week with no sleep, working non-stop to rebuild the data - millions of lines of data. That rebuild was completed Saturday, but our old operating system could not handle that much data being transported back into it. As it happens, we had been planning to change operating systems next month. Ideally, we would have had time to upload everyone's on line access credentials before going live, but with the crash, we are going to push through and launch Monday on the new system.

On Line Order Entry will look different on this system, but should be fairly straight forward. To reach the system:

Select Log In

To request new access credentials, please email your name, account name/number, and email address to We realize not everybody knows their code so please email us at call us at 503.234.7722 and we can assist you.

More news to follow, but again, we are so grateful for your patience and appreciate each and every one of you.


The Entire Senvoy Team!



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Senvoy's catch-line says it all! We move your delivery fast, on time and with professional drivers. We'll call when it is done and let you know, "It's already there!"

Senvoy provides a vast array of delivery, logistics, warehousing, and material management services to a diverse range of clients across the Pacific Northwest and around the country. Time-sensitive delivery is the company's specialty and it has moved products from 12-ton transformers to single microprocessors. Delivery services are provided to retail and wholesale businesses for both same-day and next-day service across Oregon, Washington, and parts of Western Idaho and Northern California.